Implementation team

The implementation of Grampians Health is being undertaken by a project team supporting an Implementation Committee comprising of local board members, CEOS and stakeholders.

The project team is led by a Project Director, with Project Leads covering Corporate Services, Clinical Services and People, Culture, Change and Engagement.

Their role involves bringing together the right knowledge and experience from across the four health services to collectively determine best practices and implement the project.

Next Steps document

The ‘Next Steps’ document provides transparent information about what staff and the community can expect during the implementation period of Grampians Health. We recognise this is a complex change and acknowledge and hope to address some of the concerns that may exist.

Below are some other frequently asked questions that have been asked about the process of creating Grampians Health.


The previous boards of Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, Stawell Regional Health, Wimmera Health Care Group and Ballarat Health Services welcomed the Victorian Government’s approval for the health services to come together as one on 28 October 2021.

The new health service called Grampians Health officially commenced on 1 November 2021, following years of strong collaboration and close partnerships between the four health services.

Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, Stawell Regional Health, Wimmera Health Care Group and Ballarat Health Service embarked on this journey 18 months ago, to deliver better health outcomes for our communities, now and into the future.

Through ongoing community and staff consultation, you told us the important issues facing our region. The boards acted and decided coming together was the best way to address this. Together, we will co-design better health outcomes for the Grampians community.

We cannot speak for the Department or the Minister. What’s important is that the decision has been made. We are excited to have been granted approval to bring our services together.

While the overarching name Grampians Health reflects the geographic, social, and cultural connections across the four health services, all local place names remain unchanged in Edenhope, Stawell, Horsham and Dimboola, and Ballarat. There is also at least one board member from each of the individual health services appointed to the new board.

Local representation will also be maintained by setting up Community Advisory Committees for the Ballarat, Horsham and Dimboola, Edenhope and Stawell communities, as well as Primary Care and Population Health Advisory Committees for the Wimmera and Central Highlands areas. These committees will have representation from either Ballarat, Horsham, Edenhope and Stawell communities.

Service planning defines the core services to be delivered to the community – alongside ancillary or other support services – within a prescribed timeframe. The service plan for Grampians Health will commence in 2022.

The service plan will:

  • Identify community or state needs for designated services, service gaps and / or surpluses, for a period of five to ten years.
  • Improve quality of designated services for clients.
  • Reorient services to better meet service gaps
  • Provide the right level and mix of services to meet assessed community needs in a cost effective and coordinated manner.
  • Increase accessibility and better provide services to meet the catchment needs.
  • Deliver services that are safe and fit for purpose.

The immediate focus is to ensure high quality care in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and to support our dedicated staff. We will also follow through on the clear commitments that have been made to staff and residents in Edenhope, Stawell, Horsham and Dimboola, and Ballarat.

We’ll commence the consultation process for a new Strategic Plan and new Clinical Services Plan at the start of 2022, which will include defining a shared vision and setting out the long-term direction for the future. We’ll map out how to best configure services and identify key health priorities to best meet the needs for the communities covered by Grampians Health, as well as capital investment for infrastructure at Horsham and Dimboola, Edenhope, Stawell and Ballarat.

Strategic planning and co-design of Grampians Health’s mission, vision and values will be conducted in 2022, alongside the service planning. This will involve representation from all regions.

No significant changes were made to how each health service is running day-to-day at the commencement of Grampians Health, but over the coming months we will work together to develop a clinical services plan that will address the unique needs of each community.

In terms of service provision, nothing changed on 1 November. No services or resourcing has been reduced at any location. Patients in each community continue to follow the same arrangements and will be treated the same way in their local service, be it urgent care, outpatients, x-ray or pathology.

Staff continue to work when and where they were already working. There will be opportunities for people to work at other locations or roles if they wish to. Knowledge sharing and professional development has also been enhanced.

With the support of a project team with experts from across the four health services, we will be talking to staff, volunteers, patients and residents to understand local needs, while continuing high quality care. No significant changes were made to how each health service is running day-to-day, but over the coming months we will work together to develop a clinical services plan for Grampians Health.

We’ll look at ways to provide greater opportunity for staff to flourish in their careers, through improved training, development and career pathways. Over time, we’ll focus on attracting and sustaining a larger workforce pool, especially for specialist roles. This will also reduce the reliance on temporary staff and locums in regional and rural communities, leading to greater workforce stability.

Coming together as Grampians Health will not only enhance service provision, and allow us to invest in our workforce, but will further ensure sustainable delivery of healthcare across our region. The Service planning process which will commence in 2022, will set out the long-term direction for the future, mapping out key priorities for capital investment and services for the future. We’ll be working with staff, patients, stakeholders and communities to make this happen.

Local fundraising for each health service goes directly to that local health campus and the purposes it was raised for. Volunteers will also be recruited and work locally, just like they have done previously. It is crucial these arrangements continue and remain in bylaws and policies of the new health service.

Any person with a commitment to supporting strong, quality healthcare in their local community will be strongly encouraged to apply to be on our Community Advisory Committees and Primary Care and Population Health Advisory Committees.

Further information on the transition to Grampians Health, and how the community can get involved in the Service Planning process will be housed on this website. The service planning process will kick off in 2022.